Atomic Heart 2 Is Already Planned for Development, It’s Claimed

Atomic Heart debuted on February 21st to relatively enthusiastic reception. It was generally well received, but bad press began to surface, which disrupted the launch somewhat. Now, in an attempt to push the negative news aside and look to the future, game developer Mundfish has reportedly confirmed that Atomic Heart 2 is slated for development.

In short video, reporter Aleksey Makarenkov explained that he spoke briefly with Mundfish developers. He said he raised the question about a possible Atomic Heart sequel, and while Mundfish was expected to downplay the question, the team insisted that there are active plans to develop Atomic Heart 2.

It’s a long way to go

this news, which was broken by Twisted Voxel, is by no means a sign that a new Atomic Heart game will be released anytime soon. It took Mundfish five years to build the first game, so assuming the groundwork is done engine-wise, it could still be another two or three years before the company finishes Atomic Heart 2.

Before development of Atomic Heart 2 can begin, the first game, released only weeks ago, must reach the end of its life cycle. There are DLCs coming to the game that need a few more updates before it can be considered near perfect.

Unfortunately, Atomic Heart has found itself at the center of more than a few controversies and difficult situations in recent weeks. Days after the game’s release, eagle-eyed players were revealed racist cartoon in the game, and soon after it was revealed that the Ukrainian government was going to petition Sony, Microsoft, and Valve demanding that they to stop the sale of the game.

Before the game even started, it suffered from a massive leakwhere a debug build (PC) has been leaked online, ripe for tech-minded gamers to explore.

But despite all that, Mundfish apparently has plans to build Atomic Heart 2. That’s no surprise, as the fascinating world was certainly created in the first game. There’s a lot more content in the Atomic Heart universe, and even some concepts that Mundfish could explore again.

For example, It was revealed in January that the team had plans for a PvP-based multiplayer platform in Atomic Heart that were scrapped during development.

Now, fans should continue to enjoy Atomic Heart and evaluate the updates released by Mundfish – and the DLCs released by it. It will be years before Atomic Heart 2 comes out.

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