A new anthology book of Bloodborne essays has been announced

A new Bloodborne book called Blood Echoes: A Bloodborne Anthology has been announced.

An anthology of Bloodborne criticism that is Published by Tune & Fairweatheris edited by Simon Parkin and includes “soon-to-be-published essays” as well as “a variety of recent essays and interviews” commissioned by Parkin.

The book also includes “a long, out-of-print interview conducted by Future Press Hidetaka Miyazaki”, reproduced with permission of the publisher.

The interview was originally included in the game’s official strategy guide, which now fetches well over £100/$100 on the used games market.

The anthology also features interviews with Ryan Morris (the game’s lead English translator) and Ryan Amon (one of the main soundtrack composers).

It also features interviews with notable members of the Bloodborne community, such as Bloodborne speedrun world record holder Chase ‘Genso’ Morrissey, and Lilith Walther, creator of the “demake” Bloodborne PSX.

A new anthology book of Bloodborne essays has been announced

Blood Echoes: A Bloodborne Anthology will be published later this year with an estimated delivery date of December 2023. The book costs £72.00 and is available for pre-order for a month until 23rd March.

This week it was claimed that Miyazaki’s latest game, Elden Ring has sold 20 million copies worldwideby Bandai Namco and From the software.

A total of 20 million combines the shipping figures of the physical version of the game and the sales figures of the digital versions, inclusive Steam.

“The companies want to thank everyone who has played this game from the bottom of their hearts and continue to develop different ways for fans to enjoy the world. Elden Ring in the future”, the statement of both companies reads.