A Hogwarts Legacy patch is coming to Xbox and PC today, but a PS5 update has been delayed

Avalanche software intends to release Hogwarts LegacyFirst post release patch on Tuesday.

The Warner Bros. The studio said the update addresses “several bugs and performance issues.” Xbox Series X/S and PC.

A PS5 The update was also previously scheduled to be released on Tuesday, but has been delayed by a few days.

Hogwarts Legacy – Gameplay Showcase II

“PS5 players, due to some unexpected issues we are working to get a patch to you later this week.” reads a message sent to the game’s Twitter account.

Chandler Wood, also Avalanche’s Community Manager said The PS5 update includes a fix for the Collector’s Edition Trophy, which players must earn by the latest perform all collections.

In a private message to the player, Wood said The PS5 update will “retroactively fix the issue and give the Trophy to anyone who didn’t get it”.

Hogwarts Legacy, based on JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, was released last week amid significant controversy over its author’s publicly expressed views on transgender rights.

The game is the subject boycott because of multiple audiences comments from Rowling considered by many to be transphobic (for a complete breakdown of the situation, we recommend This article was written by Glamor).

Hogwarts Legacy patch hits Xbox and PC today, but PS5 update delayed

Although the author was not involved in the development of the game, critics point out that Rowling is likely to benefit from Hogwarts’ legacy and benefit from its popularity.

Hogwarts Legacy is released PS4 and Xbox One April 4 and for Nintendo Switch on July 25.