50 Cent Hints at Involvement in GTA Series on Instagram

In 2021, Dr. Dre made an appearance in Grand Theft Auto Online – and now it looks like Fiddy himself may be stepping into the GTA limelight in some way connected to Vice City.

50 Cent shared a post on Instagram that made a direct reference to Vice City, but as it was equally cryptic, no one has yet been able to figure out in what capacity he will be associated with the title – if at all. He offered next to nothing by way of explanation, but instead promised that he would explain more in due time.

Is 50 Cent connected to Vice City?

To follow GTA 6 leaks that happened last year, it was revealed that the next game in the legendary franchise could be set in the current version of Vice City, the 2002 game of the same name.

Of course, that hasn’t been confirmed – but circumstantial evidence suggested that it might be. Last year, Rockstar confirmed (very briefly) that work on the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series was underway, but that’s all the information that was offered.

Now it has been proposed by the man himself that 50 Cent could be connected to the Vice City entity in some way, whether it’s a video game — or something else entirely (perhaps a television show, as has been rumored).

It’s clear that Rockstar would be working hard to get the license for Grand Theft Auto 6 in a number of ways, including music – so, could 50 Cent just lend his creative vocal and musical talents to Vice City?

Or, like Dr. Dre in Grand Theft Auto Online, could Fifty step up to fill the screen role? Here’s what 50 Cent had to say about it:

I’ll explain later, GLG (GreenLightGang) this shit bigger than POWER, trust me. BOOM

“Power” is a reference to the popular television show of the same name, endorsed by 50 Cent. You have your connection to television production, but of course that is only conjecture.

How do you think 50 Cent relates to Vice City?

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